Sudbury Public Schools


Linda St. Hilaire

(978) 443-1071 ext. 1106


Elementary School

Breakfast Reduced $0.30
Breakfast Full Price $1.25
Lunch Reduced $0.40
Lunch Full Price $2.75

Middle School

Breakfast Reduced $0.30
Breakfast Full Price $1.25
Lunch Reduced $0.40
Lunch Full Price $3.25


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How to Ensure Your Children's Lunches Provide them with the Necessary Nutrients

As we all know, children need to eat a healthy and balanced meal in order to...  Read More

Chef Kim visits Josiah Haynes Elementary

March Smoothie Chef Kim had a wonderful welcome from students and staff at Josiah...  Read More

Tastes From Around The World: Celebrating 2014 Winter Games

Tastes From Around the World! At Curtis Middle School We will be Menuing Entrees...  Read More

Kids are excited about Fruit & Veggie Tastings in Sudbury!

Each month our Fruit/Produce of the Month is offered as a Free Tasting to all...  Read More

January Veggie Tasting!

On Thursday January 16th Whitsons will be offering Fruit Tasting at all elementary...  Read More

Get Fresh this Fall!

Now that fall is upon us, farmers markets are back in full swing! Local products...  Read More

October, 20th, 2014

Fall Harvest Brownies

Fall is a wonderful time for baking—and getting creative! How do you get children...  Read More

October, 14th, 2014

Eating Healthy on a Budget

Tight budget? No problem! Eating healthy, and fitting more fruits and veggies into...  Read More

October, 6th, 2014

Let's Talk Lunch!

October is not only a time to celebrate Halloween and the fall harvest; it is also...  Read More

October, 6th, 2014

Salsa, Salsa, Salsa

Salsa has many meanings in and out of the kitchen, but “salsa” simply translated...  Read More

October, 14th, 2012

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