Sudbury Public Schools


Linda St. Hilaire

(978) 443-1071 ext. 1106


Elementary School

Breakfast Reduced $0.30
Breakfast Full Price $1.25
Lunch Reduced $0.40
Lunch Full Price $2.75

Middle School

Breakfast Reduced $0.30
Breakfast Full Price $1.25
Lunch Reduced $0.40
Lunch Full Price $3.25


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"New" Vegetarian Entrees at Curtis MS

We have new vegetarian entrees daily at Curtis MS! These entrees range from wraps...  Read More

Guest Chef Visits Peter Noyes Elementary

Thursday April 30th Chef Rich Sandmann shared his take on the Elvis Sandwich!...  Read More

Guest Chef Day at Josiah Haynes Elementary School

We had an exciting day! Guest Chef Ryan visited Josiah Haynes Elementary School...  Read More

Take me out to the Ball Game!

Curtis MS celebrated Red Sox Opening Day with a Ball Game themed lunch! It was a...  Read More

Whitsons Expands Its Animal Welfare Initiatives

At Whitsons, we are committed to seeking sustainable sourcing partnerships with...  Read More

It's Grilling Time

Summer is almost here, and before you know it, thoughts will be drifting out to...  Read More

May, 27th, 2015

Black Bean Burgers

With Memorial Day right around the corner, it’s time to start preparing your grill...  Read More

May, 18th, 2015

Nutrition Symbols Decoded

Do you find searching through the Nutrition Facts label to be a little...  Read More

May, 11th, 2015

Reducing Screen Time

With the advent of cell phones, tablets and iPads — not to mention, a host of...  Read More

May, 4th, 2015

There’s No Need to Fear

Who says you can’t get older kids to try new things? Sure, by middle school, most...  Read More

April, 27th, 2015

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