Maura O’Malley

Food Service Director



Elementary Breakfast $1.50
Elementary Lunch $2.85
Secondary Breakfast $1.50
Middle School Lunch $3.10
High School Lunch $3.15
Secondary Deluxe Lunch $4.05
Reduced Price Lunch $0.40

Pre-Paid Meals

10 Meals $28.50
20 Meals $57.00
30 Meals $85.50
40 Meals $114.00


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School Nutrition News

Ramen Noodle Bar

Chef Joe Stango wowed students at Roger Ludlowe Middle School on November 21st with "Ramen Noodle Bar" as students could choose from hard boiled eggs, diced ham or chicken, edamame, fresh ginger, bamboo shoots, snow peas, seaweed, sliced musrooms, corn, shredded carrots, scallions, and radishes to name just a few of the assorted fillings to add to their Ramen Noddle Bowl. They also enjoyed the vegetable egg roll which accompanied the Noodle Bowl along with along with an Asian Mixed fruit salad, bamboo shoot and cabbage slaw.