Maura O’Malley

Food Service Director



Elementary Breakfast $1.50
Elementary Lunch $2.85
Secondary Breakfast $1.50
Middle School Lunch $3.10
High School Lunch $3.15
Secondary Deluxe Lunch $4.05
Reduced Price Lunch $0.40

Pre-Paid Meals

10 Meals $28.50
20 Meals $57.00
30 Meals $85.50
40 Meals $114.00


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School Nutrition News

Coyote Grill Concept added to Middle Schools

Middle School Students now have a another option available daily which began at Roger Ludlowe MS at the end of February and added to Woods Middle School and Tomlinson Middle School in March.

The station concept is "Coyote Grill" which is one of the most popular at the High Schools and began in September when we opened. This station offers students a variety of Southwestern Tex Mex cuisine. The students can choose from either mexi beef or chicken, hard shell tacos, nachos or soft tortillas and a variety of toppings which include black olives, diced tomatoes, shredded lettuce, sour cream, jalapenos and cheddar cheese sauce.

A big hit with the students were the Taco Salad bowls!