Brian Pappone

Food Service Director

(508) 222-6751


Student Account Inquires

Jennifer Jette

(508) 222-6751

Diane Connolly

Free & Reduced Meal Inquires

Please contact an Administrator at the school directly.


Meal Prices for SY 19-20

Breakfast $1.65
Reduced Price Breakfast $0.30
Elementary Lunch $2.50
Middle School Lunch $3.00
High School Lunch $3.25
Reduced Price Lunch $0.40
Adult Lunch $4.00
Milk  $0.50

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Our food service team members have many delicious and nutritious menus and events planned this month.  To see more detailed information on school events and menus, check out our "Menu" page and see “What’s cooking” on our delicious menus this month. You can download the menus and double-click on a day to see nutritional and allergen information for the day’s offerings.

Want to get more information about nutrition?

Just ask a Whitsons Registered Dietitian. Whitsons’ team of Registered Dietitians will be available to answer all nutrition-related questions from parents, students, faculty, staff and more in the “Ask the RD” forum!

Just email your questions to All questions will be answered via email. For more information about “Ask and RD” and (W.I.N.), Whitsons Interactive Nutrition, visit the “Nutrition Zone” page on your districts’ webpage.

In addition to nutrition services, Whitsons School Nutrition also provides Guest Chefs! To find out when a Whitsons Guest Chef will be visiting your school, contact your Food Service Director.

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Food Service Advisory Committee

Calling all students, faculty and staff!
Join Attleboro’s new initiative and take part in sustaining excellent dining and catering services.

Please send you name, school affiliation, title and contact information to


The purpose of the Food Service Advisory Committee (FSAC) is to present suggestions, concerns and ideas to the management of the food service provider (Whitsons). As a participant you will have the opportunity to participate in discussion regarding the resolution (food-related), menu planning, food quality, nutrition, festive meals, cost analysis of meals, sanitation and sustainability issues.

Membership requirements:

The committee will be chaired by the Food Service Director of Attleboro Public Schools and co-chaired by the Assistant Food Service Director, Chef of Attleboro Public Schools.

As a committee member you are not only assigned to bring your own opinions to the group, but at act as an ambassador for those we represent. There are many different groups of people the Attleboro School District that have different likes, dislikes and preferences. Whereas, we cannot satisfy every desire, it is our objective of the FSAC to bring all ideas together and shape the district’s food service operations to best service the needs of the community.

As a member, you will have the following responsibilities:

  • Visit food service facilities and complete evaluations after each visit.
  • Make recommendations to committee for service changes and enhancements
  • Ascertain and report on opinions of constituent groups regarding food service
  • Attend the established meetings
  • Participate in Google.doc forums when necessary