Roberta Tamasanis

Food Service Director

(508) 230-3210 ext. 1493


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Elementary Lunch $3.00
Secondary Lunch $3.25
Middle School Premium Lunch $4.25
High School Premium Lunch $4.25
Reduced Price Lunch $0.40
High School & Middle School Breakfast $1.75
Milk $0.65


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School Nutrition News

Toastables at OAHS

On Wednesday, the third of December Whitson's traveling Chef Ryan Hurley prepared a delicious display of toastables sandwiches at Oliver Ames High School Cafeteria. The students were welcomed by a mouth-watering display of freshly toasted sandwiches – buffalo chicken, Italian combo, and roast beef and cheese. The sandwiches were batched cooked just seconds before students arrived in the cafeteria for lunch. The aroma of the fresh out of the oven sandwiches permeated through the halls of the high school.  The sandwiches were served with a delicious, freshly made cucumber salad, whole orange or pear, and a milk. This meal along with all of Whitsons' menu offerings meet the USDA standards defined by the Healthy Hungry-Free Kids Act.