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Food Service Director

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Elementary Lunch $3.00
Secondary Lunch $3.25
Middle School Premium Lunch $4.25
High School Premium Lunch $4.25
Reduced Price Lunch $0.40
High School & Middle School Breakfast $1.75
Milk $0.65


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School Nutrition News

Successful Menu Taste Test at Parkview & Center

On Tuesday, the 13th and Friday, the 23rd of January Easton’s Food Service Director, Sara Greeley and Kitchen Managers of the Parkview Elementary School, Linda Grior and Center Elementary School, Lori Nigro hosted a fun and engaging taste testing event with Ms. Ventre’s and Ms. Foote’s second grade class.  The students were given the opportunity to sample a new menu item for February’s menu. The children entered the cafeteria with a delicious display of chicken meatball sub on whole wheat French baguette, accompanied with a bed of lightly dressed leafy greens, apple, and milk! This delicious meal contains all five components to make up a complete meal, based on the USDA standards defined by the Healthy Hungry-Free Kids Act. 

During this taste testing, the children were asked to provide feedback on the meal and the response was overwhelming. “Amazing!” said Ms. Ventre’s student. “This is the best meal ever” rejoiced Ms. Foote’s second grader.  Accompanying the taste test, Ms. Greeley educated the students on the importance of whole grains, lean proteins, and fruits and vegetables. This event was a wonderful opportunity for the children to learn healthy eating tips, while expressing their opinions.  Due to popular demand, this meal will be offered on February 13th!  The food service department will continue organizing fun events throughout the year.