Roberta Tamasanis

Food Service Director

(508) 230-3210 ext. 1493


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Elementary Lunch $3.00
Secondary Lunch $3.25
Middle School Premium Lunch $4.25
High School Premium Lunch $4.25
Reduced Price Lunch $0.40
High School & Middle School Breakfast $1.75
Milk $0.65


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School Nutrition News

Grillers for Students of Oliver Ames High School

On Thursday, December 3rd, students of Oliver Ames High School in Easton, MA enjoyed Whitsons Big Cheese Grill. Chef Sandman and the Whitsons staff at Ames High School prepared delicious Grillers!

Students were offered a choice of a Roma Pepperoni Griller, Chicken Cordon Bleu Griller, or a Vegetarian-style French Onion Griller. All Grillers were served with Garlicky Beans, Greens Pasta Salad, and Hot Apple Crisp!  

As always, the students loved their Grillers! Special thanks goes to Chef Sandmann, Roberta and rest of the Whitsons team for helping make the Big Cheese Grill a great success.