Haverhill Public Schools


Joanna Wood

Phone # 978-374-3416



Elementary & Secondary Breakfast $1.50
Elementary & Secondary Reduced $0.30
Elementary Lunch $3.00
St. Joseph's & Sacred Heart $3.10
Middle School Lunch $3.10
High School Lunch #1 $3.25
High School Lunch #2 $3.75
Secondary Lunch Reduced $0.40
Milk $0.70
Adult Lunch $4.50

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School Nutrition News

Haverhill Parents’ Night

On November 14th and November 28th, Whitsons School Nutrition hosted a Parents’ Night. Hundreds of parents and students visited the high school cafeteria in the evening, from 6:00 PM to 8:00PM.  On November 14th, the high school staff opened the cafeteria doors with pride during Parent Teacher Night.

On November 28th, during the high school’s annual Open House, parents had the opportunity to sample the food available to their children during lunch. Parents were able to experience the “food court” style cafeteria and sample delicious meals from concepts such as La Cucina, Coyote Grill, Ruby’s Flats, Chef Productions, Panini Plaza, Coyote Quesas, Great American Sandwich Co., and Frait Express. 

Gus Travassos, Food Service Director, Joe Armenti, District Manager, and Ozzie Orsillo, Regional Vice President of Sales were on hand to answer the parents’ questions. Parents were pleasantly surprised at the variety and quality of the food that is currently available at the high school. The most popular comments from parents were: “this is excellent“, “there’s so much to choose from” and “school food was nothing like this when I went to school!”.  The Cafeteria staff also enjoyed showcasing for parents what they serve with pride during the day to their sons and daughters.