Eliza Hobert, Food Service Director
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Elementary Lunch $2.50
Middle School Lunch $2.75
High School Lunch $3.00
Reduced Price Lunch $0.40
Milk $0.50
100% Juice $0.50


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Recent Newsletters

 sn october 2015 thumbnail  smart october 2015 thumbnail


March is National Nutrition Month and Whitsons School Nutrition recognizes the importance of nutrition education. The National Nutrition Month campaign promotes the significance of making informative food choices, the development of healthy eating habits as well as daily physical activity. Also this month, is National School Breakfast Week (March 6th-10th), yet another reminder of the importance of having students start their day with a well-balance healthy school breakfast! 

In our elementary schools this month, students will enjoy a St. Patrick’s Day celebration with a “green” themed menu. For our Nutrition Safari Day, we will focus on whole foods for our healthy spring menu. Download our monthly Nutrition Activity Sheet available on our website. 

In our secondary schools this month, students will celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with traditional Irish items and a healthy “green” themed menu. Students will celebrate spring with our Spring Fling menu.

For more detailed information on school events, visit our menu page and see “what’s cooking” on our delicious menus for March! 

You can download the menus and double-click on a day to see nutritional and allergen information for the day’s offerings.

For more information about Whitsons Culinary Group, follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

To see more detailed information on school events and menus, check out our "Menu" page and see “What’s cooking” on our delicious menus this month. You can download the menus and double-click on a day to see nutritional and allergen information for the day’s offerings.

Want to get more information about nutrition? Just ask a Whitsons Registered Dietitian. Whitsons’ team of Registered Dietitians will be available to answer all nutrition related questions from parents, students, faculty, staff and more in the “Ask the RD” forum!

Just email your questions to Questions will be answered via email and selected questions will be posted in our monthly School Nutrition Newsletter and posted on our Whitsons Facebook page. For more information about “Ask and RD” and (W.I.N.), Whitsons Interactive Nutrition, visit the “Nutrition Zone” page on your districts’ webpage.

In addition to nutrition services, Whitsons School Nutrition also provides Guest Chefs! To find out when a Whitsons Guest Chef will be visiting your school, contact your Food Service Director.





Come Enjoy Guest Chef Day

May 22nd in the LHS Cafeteria




Hand Packed Beef Sliders

Pulled Chipotle Chicken Sliders

Bratwurst with Caramelized Onions and Spicy Raspberry Mustard


All served with Homemade Potato Salad 


Student Price: $3.00

Adult Price: $3.50

pdfLHS Slider Day - May 22