Malden Public Schools


Omar Hernandez - Food Service Director

(781) 397-6035
(781) 397-7352 (fax)

Caitlin Filteau - Assistant Food Service Director
(781) 397-6061
(781) 397-7352 (fax)


Pre K-8 Breakfast $1.00
Pre K-8 Lunch $2.55
High School Breakfast $1.00
High School Lunch $3.05
Reduced Price Lunch all Grades $0.40
Reduced Price Breakfast all Grades $0.30
Milk $0.50
100% Juice $0.50
Soy Milk $1.00

Pre-Paid Meals

10 Meals Pre K-8: $25.50 HS: $30.50
20 Meals Pre K-8 $51.00

HS: $61.00

30 Meals Pre K-8: $76.50  HS: $91.50
40 Meals Pre K-8: $102.00 HS: $122.00

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School Nutrition News

New Breakfast Program Kick-Off at Salemwood School

This month, the Whitsons team at Salemwood kicked-off our new Breakfast Program with our Grab 'n' Go station. Pat the Patriot stopped by to visit and help serve breakfast meals to students during the Grand Opening celebration! The students of Slamewood loved being served by Pat, and they also loved our new breakfast menu choices from smoothies, to fresh fruit, and cereals.

Although the breakfast program at Salemwood has been free, participation was low. The Whitsons staff came up with the idea of giving students more "accessibilty" to breakfast, and the idea of placing the breakfast Grab 'n' Go station by the schools' entrance came into play. Now, as students walk in to school every morning, they can easily grab their breakfast and go straight to their homeroom class. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and helps provide the necessary nutrients to keep a student energized throughout the school day. We are happy to make school breakfast more accessible to students so that they are better prepared to start their day.

Due to the accessibility of our breakfast meals,  participation has increased by 500%! Breakfast meal counts have gone from 130 breakfasts a day to over 600! It's great to know that more students are now starting their day with a healthy breakfast!