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Elementary Breakfast $1.50
Elementary Lunch $2.75
Secondary Breakfast $1.50
Middle School Lunch $3.00 - $3.25
High School Lunch $3.50 - $3.75
Reduced Price Lunch $0.40
Milk $0.50
100% Juice $0.50
Water - 8 oz.  $0.50
Water - 16.9 oz


Polar Seltzer Flavored


Fresh Fruit


WG Frito Chips


WG Pop Tarts


Pop Chips


Bagel (a la carte)


Bagel with Cream Cheese


David's WG Cookie


WG Goldfish


Nutrigrain Bar






Cereal Bar


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School Nutrition News

School Garden at Maynard High School

Take a look at before and after photos of the school garden at Maynard High School! Whitsons’ Food Service Director, Chris Piercey, Food Service Worker, Joan Irish and team members from Maynard School District have gone above and beyond in helping to start a school garden project at Maynard High School.

The garden was created in March and has been carefully tended to for months. It has now transformed into a lush vegetable garden that is now a learning resource for students of Maynard School District such as CASE Collaborative, Maynards’ special education program. Working with the town of Maynard, staff, and students, both Chris and Joan coordinated efforts in receiving donations such as compost, soil and plants and donating items themselves such as plants, cages, fertilizer and time to the project.

Students have helped in planting watering and moving compost into the garden beds with wheel barrels and with creating beautiful markers for the garden plants. Two different student groups will be monitoring and maintaining the garden over the summer along with faculty and periodic check-ins by Chris and Joan. The school's summer program will be using the vegetables harvested for students.

"The school garden at Maynard High School will be utilized as a valuable resource for the student lunches in Maynard and continues Whitsons’ commitment to bringing a "garden to table" experience for the students,” said Chris Piercey, Food Service Director for Maynard School District, "It has been a pleasure to help create a fun learning experience for students."

Upon returning for the next school year, there are plans to work with the “green committee” at the high school to help harvest and prepare student lunches for a day using vegetables grown from the garden. More to come from Maynard. Great work team!