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Michelle Curran - Food Service Director

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Silver Apple Awards at North Middlesex

Two employees from Whitsons at North Middlesex have been awarded the Whitsons Silver Apple awards!

Falize Rezvani was awarded her Silver Apple for September as the new Kitchen Manager at Nissitissit Middle School.  Faline is passionate about her new job.  She's a true team player, and her kitchen is running very smoothly. Faline is a creative cook.  All of her dishes come out better than expected, making them appealing to the students and staff.

Valerie Baker was awarded the Silver Apple for October.  Valerie goes above and beyond her job responsibilities.  Val fills in at any school that needs someone for the day, and is always pleasant and happy.   Val baked the Carrot Cranberry Bread for all of the Elementary schools which was served in October.   She also provides baked snacks at all of our meetings and trainings and is an excellent baker.

Congratulations to both of our team members on doing an excellent job!