Gus Travassos
Food Service Director
(617) 730-2499

Teresa Vidette  
Assistant Food Service Director
(617) 730-2436

Scott Rothwell

Joanne Conneely

Lawrence School
Sabrina Feltz

Lincoln School
Daniel Foote

Driscoll School
Marijana Gojak

Heath School
Evelyn Petroski

Pierce School
Donna Odell

Runkle School
Merima Kantardzic

Brookline High School
Bonnie Hatzieleftheriadis
(617) 713-5115

Baker School
Mary Foote
(617) 879-4511

Upper Devotion
Paulette Paula  
(617) 879-4947

Lower Devotion
Susan Crossley  
(617) 879-4429


K-8 Breakfast

K-8 Lunch $3.25

High School

HS Breakfast

HS Lunch $3.50
HS Premium Lunch $4.25
Reduced Price Lunch $0.40
Reduced Price Breakfast $0.30
Dairy/Lactaid Milk
Soy Milk
100% Juice $0.50

Adult Lunch                                  $4.25


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School Nutrition News

Food Day Festival at Lawrence School

FSD for Brookline School District Gus Travassos and team member at the Food Day Festival
This month the Whitsons team participated at the 6th Annual Lawrence Food Day Festival at Lawrence School in Brookline, Massachusetts.

The fall festival is an annual event organized by the Food Day Festival Committee and is made possible by the support of Lawrence, parents, teachers, staff, and administrators; the Lawrence PTO; and Brookline’s food vending and sustainability committee.

Over 500 people were in attendance of the event which helps to collect donations to support the work of the Brookline Food Pantry and more. A student recipe contest was held at the event as well as local food providers showcasing some of their food favorite recipes. Food Service Director, Gus Travassos and team members served over 350 samples of our Roasted Squash with Kale and Faro.

Our Roasted Squash is a delicious and savory vegetable dish that was very well received by students, parents, staff, and other attendees of the event. Many compliments were given to Chef and Culinary Innovation Specialist, Ryan Hurley. It was great day for all!