Sudbury Public Schools


Linda St. Hilaire

(978) 443-1071 ext. 7506


Elementary School

Breakfast Reduced $0.30
Breakfast Full Price $1.25
Lunch Reduced $0.40
Lunch Full Price $2.75

Middle School

Breakfast Reduced $0.30
Breakfast Full Price $1.25
Lunch Reduced $0.40
Lunch Full Price $3.25


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Whitsons History From Whitcomb to Whitsons

Find out how it all began, as Gina Whitcomb-Daly describes how the Whitcombs...  Read More

Traveling Salad Bar

The "Traveling Salad Bar" was a big hit at Peter Noyes Elementary School on March...  Read More

Whitsons School Meals

Take a look at the Whitsons School Meals video featuring Registered Dietitian and...  Read More

Whitsons Culinary Group Appoints Barry Street New Chief Operating Officer of Prepared Meals

Whitsons Culinary Group ( is pleased to announce the appointment...  Read More

Carrot Top Experiment at Sudbury Elementary Schools

Carrot Top Experiment Winner! Carrot Top Experiment Winner!  Read More

Stress Awareness Month

Each person encounters a different type and/or amount of stress each day, whether...  Read More

April, 25th, 2016

Whitsons Excellence in Food Service

Whether in school nutrition, corporate dining, prepared meals, or even retail food...  Read More

March, 21st, 2016

Whitsons School Health and Wellness Programs

Whitsons’ school nutrition programs have the shared goal of providing delicious,...  Read More

March, 14th, 2016

National School Breakfast Week March 7-11th, 2016

National School Breakfast Week is March 7-11 th . The purpose and value of this...  Read More

March, 7th, 2016

National Children's Dental Health Month

February is National Children’s Dental Health Month, a month-long national health...  Read More

February, 22nd, 2016

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