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Breakfast Reduced $0.30
Breakfast Full Price $1.50
Lunch Reduced $0.40
Lunch Full Price $3.00

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Breakfast Reduced $0.30
Breakfast Full Price $1.50
Lunch Reduced $0.40
Lunch Full Price $3.50


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School Nutrition News

Fooditude Newsletter February Elementary

Fuel your body and mind with a healthy fooditude!

Hot Dog Bar at Ephraim Curtis Middle School

This month, the team at Ephraim Curtis Middle School featured their first "Hotdog...

Whitsons School Nutrition Assists with Extended Study Program

Chef Rich Sandmann had the opportunity to share his vast knowledge with a high...

Celebrating National Nutrition Month and Promoting Wellness in Schools

National Nutrition Month is a nutrition education and information campaign...

Nutrition Safari Day at Peter Noyes Elementary School

Nutrition Safari Day with Whitsons’ Chef, Ryan Hurley at Peter Noyes Elementary...

The Traveling Salad Bar

Today is Make Your own Salad day with the Traveling Salad Bar at Haynes and also...

Traveling Salad Bar

The "Traveling Salad Bar" was a big hit at Peter Noyes Elementary School on March...

Carrot Top Experiment at Sudbury Elementary Schools

Carrot Top Experiment Winner! Carrot Top Experiment Winner!

Carrot Top Experiment

Produce of the Month is CARROTS! Can you grow a carrot top? Try to grow your own...

Taste of Italy!

December Features a Taste of Little Italy! Throughout the month at all of our...

Veggie Power

Introducing...Veggie Power! Meatless meals that Satisfy We are very excited to...

"New" Vegetarian Entrees at Curtis MS

We have new vegetarian entrees daily at Curtis MS! These entrees range from wraps...

Guest Chef Visits Peter Noyes Elementary

Thursday April 30th Chef Rich Sandmann shared his take on the Elvis Sandwich!...

Guest Chef Day at Josiah Haynes Elementary School

We had an exciting day! Guest Chef Ryan visited Josiah Haynes Elementary School...

Take me out to the Ball Game!

Curtis MS celebrated Red Sox Opening Day with a Ball Game themed lunch! It was a...

Tastes From Around The World: Celebrating 2014 Winter Games

Tastes From Around the World! At Curtis Middle School We will be Menuing Entrees...

Kids are excited about Fruit & Veggie Tastings in Sudbury!

Each month our Fruit/Produce of the Month is offered as a Free Tasting to all...

January Veggie Tasting!

On Thursday January 16th Whitsons will be offering Fruit Tasting at all elementary...

Successful Veggie Tastings at Sudbury

We have started a Veggie/Fruit Tasting in Sudbury Public Schools. Once a month a...