Wellesley Public Schools


Matthew Delaney, Director

(781) 446-6210 ext. 5708


Sue Mitchell-Tang, Assistant Director

781-446-6210 ext. 5707



Elementary School

Lunch Full Price Meal $3.25
Lunch Reduced Price Meal $0.40

Middle School

Breakfast Full Price Meal $1.50
Breakfast Reduced Price Meal $0.30
Lunch Full Price Meal $3.65
Premium Meal additional cost $0.75
Lunch Reduced Price Meal $0.40

High School

Breakfast Full Price Meal $1.50
Breakfast Reduce Price Meal $0.30
Lunch Full Price Meal $3.65
Premium Meal additional cost $0.75
Lunch Reduced Price Meal $0.40

Super Premium Meal add cost

Deli Sandwich Lunch add cost



Milk - all schools per 8oz carton $0.75


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Attention: Parents, Students, School District Staff-

Effective at midnight on September 30th this site will no longer be active.

We are pleased to inform you that Whitsons has launched a custom-designed, state-of-the-art, mobile platform that brings your menu planning, nutrition information, meal ingredients and real time allergen information to your fingertips. This new menu viewing interface, FD MEALPLANNER, will take the place of the menus that were previously on your district web pages and brings new streamlined mobile viewing capability.

FD MEALPLANNER provides easy access to school menu information anytime, from any mobile device or PC. Your menus will now be interactive to allow for custom meal building and will display nutritionals (such as calories, fat, sodium, etc.) and allergen
information. This feature is especially important for parents of children with food allergies and school nurses who need quick and easy access.

This user friendly menu viewing tool allows you to build your own profile, or a profile for your entire family of students, and then save your account preferences--making future FD MEALPLANNER visits a breeze. We think you will find this new platform as exciting as we do.

Simply visit www.FDMealPlanner.com to get started, or download the FD MEALPLANNER app to your mobile device free of charge by visiting the App Store (for iOS devices) or Google Play (for Android devices).

FD MealPlanner