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pdf2014-2014 Free and Reduced Lunch

Elementary Lunch $3.50
Secondary Breakfast $1.75
Secondary Lunch $3.50

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Whitsons Expands Commitment to Animal Welfare Initiatives

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Flaves Bombay Fusion Culinary Competition

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Whitsons Expands Commitment School Menus With All-Natural, Organic, and Non-GMO Ingredients

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Whitsons Culinary Group Receives Perfect Success Rate in School Nutrition Administrative Review

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Whitsons Enhances Farm-to-School Initiatives

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Staying Healthy with Calcium

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June, 13th, 2017

Produce of the Month: Tomatoes

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High Blood Pressure Awareness Month

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day: Fact or Fib?

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Foods for Eye Health

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April, 11th, 2017

Recent Newsletters

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Local Purchasing

Ingredient Sourcing Emphasizing Local Product Providers

Local purchasing is an important part of our overall purchasing strategy and we therefore partner with local farms and vendors whenever possible. We believe it is important to provide local produce, dairy and other main meal components for increased quality and freshness, and to support our local economies.

We require all our vendors to adhere to the same strict quality guidelines as our regional and national suppliers. One requirement is that farms follow Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), including approved testing of their water quality and irrigation process. We also have safety and packaging expectations that must be in place to ensure that quality and integrity of all products are maintained, as well as HACCP plans, lot traceability, full ingredient and allergen disclosure and satisfactory third party audit results.

Our policy is to source locally whenever available and in season. We currently source an average of 52% of our product mix locally, either through our distributors or by developing partnerships directly with local vendors. Some of the core items sourced locally include produce, dairy, fresh bakery items, juices, water, coffee, pizza dough, beef and poultry, seafood, dressings, pastas and snacks.

Local New York Farms

We currently source local produce from the following New York farms when product is available and in season:

  • Deer Run Farms, Brookhaven, NY
  • Densieski Farms, East Quogue, NY
  • Ed Zilnicki Farms, Riverhead, NY
  • Flora Nursery, Cutchogue, NY
  • Fox Hollow Farms, Calverton, NY
  • Harbes Farm, Mattituck, NY
  • Latham Farms, Orient, NY
  • McBride Farms, Cutchogue, NY
  • McKay Farms, Aquebogue, NY
  • Philip A. Schmitt & Sons Farm, Riverhead, NY
  • Satur Farms, Cutchogue, NY
  • Wells Homestead Acres, Riverhead, NY
  • Windy Acres Farm, Calverton, NY
  • Lenny Bruno Farms, Manorville, NY
  • Anderson Farms, Riverhead, NY
  • Rottkamp Brothers Farms, Riverhead, NY
  • Polak Farms, Old Brookville, NY
  • Meyers Farms, Calverton, NY
  • MKZ farms, Jamesport, NY
  • Condzella Farms, Wading River, NY
  • Catapano Dairy, Mattituck, NY
  • Sang Lee Farms, Southhold, NY
  • W&K Farms, NY

Whitsons Clean Initiative

Whitsons School Nutrition program has built a strong reputation for providing high quality food, progressive nutrition education programs and excellent service. Whitsons is committed to using locally sourced ingredients whenever available and in season. We are focused on providing students with wholesome, natural ingredients, whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, allergen-free menu options and healthy snacks.

Whitsons Clean Initiative reaffirms our commitment to providing nutritionally balanced meals that are environmentally sound, economically viable and socially responsible. We will continue our search for organic, non gmo and manufactured products, so our food is the cleanest, and most healthy food available anywhere!

Starting this year, we will have selected several new organic products that will be available in schools.  We believe Real Food has a Real Story and we welcome and encourage you to learn more about our vendors:


La Flor





Tyson Foods Inc. 

Click here to learn more about our Sports & Wellness Programs.