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Elementary Breakfast $2.00
Elementary Lunch $2.75
Secondary Breakfast $2.00
Secondary Lunch $3.75
Reduced Price Lunch $0.25
Milk $0.50

Pre-Paid Meals

10 Meals $27.50
20 Meals $55.00
10 Meals $37.50
20 Meals $75.00


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School Nutrition News

Greenleaf Cuisine Menu at Lawrence Middle School

School lunch tray with waffles, ham, sweet potato fries , pears and watermelon
The students of Lawrence Middle School at Broadway loved the special Waffle menu prepared by Chef Robert Larkin as part of Whitsons’ Greenleaf Cuisine. The Greenleaf Cuisine promotion uses wholesome and fresh local ingredients and is always a student favorite. Students had a choice of Waffle bar toppings such as fresh Strawberries, Peaches, Apple Slices, and Pancake Syrup. All waffles were served with a side of Ham and a choice of Sweet Potato Fries, Garden Salad, Fresh Pear or Watermelon. Great work Chef Larkin and team Lawrence!


Pictured above is Chef Robert Larkin making fresh waffles.