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Elementary Breakfast $0.75
Elementary Lunch $1.85
Secondary Breakfast $0.75
Secondary Lunch $2.10
Reduced Price Lunch $0.25
Milk $0.50
100% Juice $0.60

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Whitsons Expands Commitment to Animal Welfare Initiatives

Whitsons Culinary Group, a provider of food services to private and public... 

Whitsons Expands Commitment School Menus With All-Natural, Organic, and Non-GMO Ingredients

Whitsons Culinary Group, a provider of food services to private and public... 

Whitsons Culinary Group Receives Perfect Success Rate in School Nutrition Administrative Review

Whitsons Culinary Group, a provider of food services to private and public... 

Flaves Bombay Fusion Culinary Competition

April 12th, 2017, Whitsons Culinary Group held its first Culinary Competition... 

Whitsons Enhances Farm-to-School Initiatives

Local Food Sourcing and Nutrition Education Engage Children in Healthy Eating... 

Celebrate the Healthy Way with Fruit of the Month: Pears

Winter has now arrived and here at Whitsons, we want to make sure that no matter... 

December, 18th, 2017

Fuel Your Body and Mind with a Healthy Fooditude

Stay well and load up on natural immunity boosters! Winter is a season known for... 

December, 4th, 2017

Spinach Quinoa and Roasted Butternut Squash Salad

Continue your summer of health with healthy recipes by Whitsons! Try our... 

July, 19th, 2017

Cooking with Cauliflower

It is officially summer time, which means that cauliflower is now in season. Here... 

July, 19th, 2017

Staying Healthy with Calcium

There are many vitamins and minerals that are essential to living a healthy life.... 

July, 19th, 2017

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Kellyann Friend appointed Chief Operating Officer of Contract Management for Whitsons Culinary Group

Wednesday, January 6th, 2016 - Whitsons Culinary Group is pleased to announce the appointment of Kellyann Friend as Chief Operating Officer of Contract Management. Ms. Friend, formerly served as Whitsons’ Senior Vice President of Operations, overseeing the New York and New Jersey regions.

Ms. Friend has over 25 years of experience with Whitsons Culinary Group, and has played a crucial role in the organizations development. Ms. Friend is well known for her commitment to excellence and her flair for creating unique strategic solutions.  Recognized as a key leader in the industry, Ms. Friend has served on the Board of Directors for the Society for Hospitality and Foodservice Management and has received numerous awards both from Whitsons and clients.

Kellyann Friend will assume her new role as Chief Operating Officer of Contract Management on April 1st, 2016, transitioning the role from John Whitcomb; company owner and founding board member who has successfully steered the Contract Management division to record growth.  The appointment of Ms. Friend represents another pivotal milestone for Whitsons Culinary Group both in continued growth and strategic business development.

About Whitsons Culinary Group

Founded in 1979, Whitsons Culinary Group™ provides dining services to consumers and public and private organizations throughout the United States. Our services include school nutrition, residential and healthcare dining, prepared meals, corporate dining, and emergency dining. Whitsons is currently the 19th largest dining service provider in the U.S. (Food Management, March 2015) and leads the industry with its customized services, innovative programs, focus on nutrition and commitment to quality, local sourcing and community support.